Employment law

TSA represents clients at WRC and Labour Court hearings and regularly engages with Trade Unions or Employee Representative Groups on behalf of employers

WRC/ Labour Court Hearing Representation

We have extensive experience representing employers at hearings in front of the WRC and Labour Court who operate in specific ways. Their interpretation of aspects of employment legislation requires experience and knowledge in how to prepare and present cases. If you are notified of a case taken against you to either the WRC or Labour Court, seek advice promptly to ensure that you are best represented and your defence paperwork is logical, thorough and ensures your case is best presented.

Workplace Negotiations

Our team has extensive experience negotiating with Solicitors, Trade Unions and other employee representatives on behalf of our Clients. Whether relating to an individual or group matter, we are aware of the etiquettes, tactics and precedents in Irish workplaces to allow us work for and negotiate on behalf of employers.