Health & Safety

Both employees and employers have responsibilities under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. At Tom Smyth & Associates we believe in the importance of creating a safety culture within the workplace and offer a range of services to ensure your business complies with all relevant Health and Safety legislation.

Our services include:

  • Safety Statement Preparation

Tom Smyth & Associates can quote competitively to prepare a Safety Statement document for your business to ensure your compliance with Irish Health & Safety Legislation. This includes an on-site risk assessment, immediate advice on remedying outstanding hazards and the preparation of a relevant document that maximises the safety of your employees and encourages everyone in your business to ‘think safety’ and ‘act safely’ at all times.

  •  Manual Handling Training

Tom Smyth and Associates will train your employees in the principles of safe Manual Handling in accordance with the latest legal course content. We are flexible to travel to your place of work and are confident that any quote will be extremely competitive for this personalised service. Please call us of email for further information.

  •  Bullying/Harassment policies and Investigations

The protection of the dignity at work of all employees is critical. Bullying allegations can be hurtful to individuals and damaging to overall morale if they are not handled competently, fairly and with due courtesy and confidentiality. Tom Smyth & Associates can assist an organisation comply with their employers’ duty of care for employees by establishing a Dignity at Work policy to ensure all employees are treated with dignity and are aware of inappropriate behaviour which may undermine fellow employees’ dignity at work. We will tailor a Bullying and Harassment policy to suit your needs and the needs of the business. We can also assist the investigating of allegations of bullying, harassment of inappropriate behaviour in an independent manner to ensure the impact of such an investigation on all aspects of the business is minimised and a fair and transparent result is achieved.

  • Safety Training

Tom Smyth and Associates can develop a personalised training course in the basics of health and safety for the employees of your organisation. This would be delivered in-house and can involve interactions to ensure employees are stimulated to partake in the training and they learn from it. This training course complements the preparation or updating of a Safety Statement document.


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