Give each employee all critical HR, employment law and training documents via their online account, set deadlines for completion and track compliance.


  • Upload relevant training materials, SOPs, policies etc. for each employee and set deadlines for completion.
  • As deadlines approach, TrainStation will issue reminders until the employee confirms they have read and understood the document(s).
  • TrainStation acts as a ‘filing cabinet’ for employee documents and training records to assist in employee appraisals, investigations or disciplinary issues.
  • New content can be added at any stage as you update documents, publish staff memos or as an employee progresses within your organisation.
  • Group your employees by job type, location, seniority or any other chosen filter using our ‘tag’ functionality. 
  • No more searching, photocopying, chasing employees for signed documents or confusion about ‘who received what?’