Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations refers to the relationships between management and employees. The conduct of these employment relationships in unionised and non-unionised firms has been changing radically over the past few years. At  Tom Smyth and Associates we offer a personal advisory service to offer solutions and advice to assist you with any Industrial Relation issues which may arise.

The services we offer are:

  •  Representation at 3rd party hearings

We have extensive experience in all of the Employment Law Forums in Ireland including;
- Rights Commissioner Service
- Employment Appeals Tribunal
- Equality Tribunal
- Labour Court

We personally represent clients and engage approved legal partners in appropriate circumstances.

  • Coaching & mentoring for 3rd party meetings

We have extensive experience in assisting employers with 3rd party meetings and can attend, or help employers prepare for, meetings with external parties such as Solicitors, Barristers or Trade Unions.

  • Involvement at every stage of internal procedures

We have extensive experience in advising businesses how to conduct internal procedures and regularly become involved in advising in the preparation and implementation of such procedures, which includes:
Grievance & Disciplinary procedures
Industrial Relations
Point of Appeal
Bullying & Harassment

  • Owner/Manager coaching and mentoring

Dealing with the high level of employment law,  human resources procedures and industrial relations norms can be difficult and administrative even for the most experienced of employers. Tom Smyth and Associates offer a personal advisory service. You will never talk to a ‘call centre’ operative. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients and their business. We will get to know the culture, ethos and management style in your organisation and when you call us for advice, you will not get a textbook read back to you. We will listen and personalise the advice that will keep you within the boundaries of the law, but will offer a practical solution for your business.

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